Blue Manila, Inc.’s policy is to employ only the “most qualified” “satisfied” and “motivated” seafarers for deployment on our different manned vessels at the required time and place.

“Most qualified” seafarers means that our crew has the appropriate educational background, sufficient work experience, adequate training, proficiency in the English language, and shall be in possession of valid licenses and certificates, travel documents and valid medical fitness for work certificate and lastly but importantly  possessing the right work attitude.

“Satisfaction” and “Motivation” of our seafarers can be achieved by offering them competitive wages and extending basic services such as prompt remittance of home allotments and attendance to the crew’s and their families’ inquiries, requests, problems and/or complaints. Our company likewise assist our seafarers in their documentation requirements and development of their training needs.

To efficiently implement our Quality Policy, we have engaged licensed mariners who have sufficient education, sea-going experience and trainings to conduct the testing and selection of seafarers for line-up on our manned vessels.

The Officers and staff in the organization have been assigned with specific responsibilities to ensure that proper check and follow-up is conducted on the seafarers’ documents and other requirements , as specified by the shipowner /principal , before they are finally cleared for deployment on board our manned vessels. We encourage our office personnel to determine their own training needs and support them within company resources.

Our company lives by the concept of co-operation and willingness to help and assist each member of the organization. An open line of communication is maintained to ensure the proper flow of information. Special meetings are held, when necessary , to discuss and resolve issues affecting our daily work and objectives

Our company strictly adheres to a “NO PLACEMENT FEE” Policy such that no fees or other charges for seafarer recruitment or placement or for providing employment to seafarers are borne directly or indirectly, in whole or in part by the seafarer.

Exception to this are the costs of the seafarer obtaining the national seafarer’s book and passport or other similar personal travel documents, STCW mandatory training requirements, Philippines national licenses, endorsements and certificates not including, however, the cost of visas and the pre-employment medical certificate which shall be borne by the shipowner.

To disseminate this policy to our seafarers and applicants, we have posted in our Reception Area four (4) big Government (POEA) issued Notices formation concerning “No Placement Fee” campaign.

We strive to observe and implement our Quality Policy in our daily activities to continually improve Blue Manila, Inc.’s Quality Management Services.