Blue Manila, Inc. offers the following basic services to our Seafarers:

  1. Competitive wages
  2. Prompt remittance of home allotments at prevailing bank exchange rates
  3. Cash advances for basic/emergency cases within company resources or as supported by working funds
  4. Regular rotation
  5. Promotion Possibilities
  6. Training and Education sponsorship to deserving candidates or Training Assistance through Cash Advance
  7. Assist in the availment of benefits from: Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), Seamen’s Union, Social Security System (SSS), etc. and assist crew in accomplishing their documentary requirements.
  8. Close Family Relations - request to communicate with their relatives on board/ handling of mails and packages for crew/ livelihood programs/ offer counselling and most importantly;
  9. “Courteous”; “Disciplined” and “Professional” dealings with our seafarers and their families.

Services to our Principals:

  1. Compliance to the Principal’s Selection Criteria and Training Matrix
  2. Testing and Evaluation of applicants through:
    1. Personal and technical interview
    2. Computer Based Technical exam
  3. Verification of authenticity and validity of certificates/documents by physically checking the security features of the documents and that same should bear no trace of tampering nor damage; verified against online records of the issuing government agencies.