We ensure that our crew prior to deployment, are properly trained and certificated in accordance with STCW requirements.

We endorse them to accredited maritime training institutions to fulfill their various STCW training requirements.


Established in December 1992, the program's main objective is to supplement, upgrade and refresh the knowledge and skills of the existing deck/engine officers and crew. The program offers courses that are included in various recommendations and resolutions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) on the subject of training.


To implement the courses, the In-House Program provides a reasonable space as training room adjacent to the main office of Blue Manila, Inc., as the main venue. It is equipped with study desks and chairs that can accommodate eighteen (20-30) participants per class, a whiteboard, an overhead projector, a television set, reference materials such as books, videos and a computer unit that is loaded with various programs / exercises for the participant's use.

It is the company's policy to encourage its own pool of crewmembers to avail of the In-House Training Program which is provided to them free or charge.

We conduct regularly In-House training courses to our crew. Among these courses are:

  1. Anti-Piracy Awareness Seminar
  2. Cultural Awareness Seminar
  3. Health and Safety Awareness
  4. ISM Familiarization
  5. Marpol Refresher Course
  6. Personal Injury Prevention
  7. Security Awareness

Among our pool of instructors are actively sailing Masters who conduct the above courses during their vacations.

We also engaged a licensed Doctor and trained Safety & Security Trainors to conduct the Health and Safety Awareness courses.


Is offered to qualified and deserving candidates through full or partial subsidies from our principals or assistance from our office either in the form of cash advance or sponsorship.

For two (2) consecutive Anniversary celebrations (2012 and 2013), Blue Manila, Inc. raffled off among our crew, Anniversary Training Gift Certificates.

These certificates can be used by crew to claim for free training at accredited Training Centers inorder to fulfill their training requirements under the STCW 2010 amendments.